Hope Not Hate Attack Free Speech

Edition 182 – Hope Not Hate Attacks Free Speech



HNH is a globalist left wing pressure group based in the United Kingdom founded in 2004 by Nick Lowles, a former editor of the “anti-fascist” Searchlight magazine. It is a registered charity and receives its funding through donations and from the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Through 2017 they assigned and heavily financed a number of journalists to infiltrate various right wing activist groups and spread the content over the Internet and use for documentaries, seeking to “expose” the Alt right, as well as attacking other far left wing groups.

One of these journalists named Patrik Hermansson decided to report Rev. Dr. David Parry’s “Extremists Club” as a supporter of far right extremism, partly due to Paul and David both being invited by former guests on THA Talks to some right wing seminars and public dinners to meet other potential guests. He also included an infiltration and filming of a separate publicly promoted open pagan ritual that Paul often attends which they dramatically described as an “Esoteric Nazi Ritual”. In attendance for this ritual was a diverse and select group including Right Wing activist Stead Steadman as well as well know authors and many of which attended after it was advertised through the on line public “meetup” website.

Career Opportunist financed by pro mass immigration movement "Hope Not Hate"

Career opportunist. Secretly films and character assassinates conservatives and other random folks socializing together at a public pagan ritual and free speech monthly gathering, while he spies on Stead Steadman. All financed by “Hope Not Hate”


Career Opportunist, character assassinates conservatives and libertarians, branding them as "Far Right Activists" during his under cover "expose" of Stead Steadman

Spy, Attacks “THA Talks” hosts for public pagan gathering, attending an event arranged by Stead Steadman, and for David Parry’s monthly free speech event called “The Extremists Club”


"Hope Not Hate" films a public pagan ritual and pretends it was a secret "Esoteric Nazi Ritual", as part of their Stead Steadman "expose".

“Hope Not Hate” spy, condemns a public pagan gathering that “THA Talks” hosts and friends attended in a central London park, ridiculously he describing it as an “Esoteric Nazi Ritual”. Steadman drinks mead from the horn while the invited spy stands opposite in the circle with a hidden camera as other attendees around him are waiting for horn to be passed around.


Asatru Pagan group which "Hope Not Hate" spy outrageously attacked.

The “Asatru” Pagan group that “Hope Not Hate” spy attacked, clearly underlines on their “Meetup” website as not politically affiliated. The group now operate more secretly to prevent further discrimination from such people.


As regularly promoted on THA Talks. The Extremist club is small monthly event founded by Rev. Dr. David Parry that involves poetry, drama, as well as outlandish talks on science, politics, religion and culture. At times offensive material that provokes views from all sides of the political and religious land scape is aired, but this is something the club has been proud of preserving. It was set it up originally as a free speech hub following Theresa Mays announcement of trying to outlaw “extremism” a very vague and subjective thing to ban. Hence the name “The Extremists Club”. After a break to find a new location the club is up and running and looking forward to 2018!, only it seems “Hope Not Hate” does not like these events of free speech taking place and even after being invited to come and speak them selves, they are trying to pressure the club into closing by intimidating it with labial claims and assassinating the character of the club, Rev. Dr. David Parry, and associates.

In this edition David and Paul discuss HNH, their attacks, and the future of the Extremists club.



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