What is your show schedule?
We try to publish one show a week, however, we currently fund the show completely by our selves and do it in our free time, so sometimes we may not manage to cover our schedule, and other times we may indulge more frequently!

How long are you shows?
Each show is approximately one hour, although occasionally some shows may be shorter or go much longer.

How can I download and save a show?
On a shows page under the media player there is a “Download” link, When clicked some browsers will simply download the mp3 to your computers download folder. If this does not work for you, simply right click on the “Download” link and select “Save link as” (or Save Target As)  then select the location you would like the mp3 to save to and click save. If you are on a Mac then press ctrl while clicking on the link and again save to a selected location.

Are all the shows Free?
Yes. We currently run the show off of our own back and use our own free time. Running a podcast show like THA Talks takes preparation, hard work, and some cash. The longer the show goes on for it may become difficult for us to maintain the quantity and quality of shows we like to produce and as such we will need to seek ways for the show to create a little income to support its self, however, we would very much like to keep the show open and free to all who want to come and listen and this will also very much be on our agenda.

Do you do Video interviews?
Not currently.  We are however looking to expand on our podcast format.

Do you do live broadcasts and call ins?
Not currently. We have announced that we would do this in the past but our schedules have not permitted us the flexibility and time to do it to the standard we would like, but this does not rule it out for the future.

How do I subscribe to your RSS feed?
If you go to our iTunes & RSS feed page it provides you with our RSS feed address and also some directories we are registered in.
You will need to install a podcast client app for your phone/tablet, or some software for your laptop/desktop. Using the client you install on your device you can either find our show by searching for “THA Talks” or copy and paste in the RSS address.  You will then have the option to subscribe to our show where you will be able to check back to see what content has been published directly to the client you are using. Please note that even though you can access the shows without visiting our website we do appreciate it if listeners do sometimes click around the website to help boost us in the search engine listings.

Where does your theme music come from?
The shows older music is written and recorded by Paul Obertelli and taken from one of his incomplete songs. It was then edited and cut to be suitable for the shows intro, a full version may be made available in the future, as will updated tunes no doubt. Newer tunes like the current theme tune have been taken from supportive associates or from the free domain like the current intro tune “Epic Dramatic by Yuriy Bespalov “Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/.

Are you a Right wing or Left wing supporter?
THA Talks as collective, despite many attempts from far left organizations who have issues with us providing a stage for all speech,  are not Right Wing and we are also not Left Wing. We proudly fly as the whole bird where we think we belong. This is of course despite our hosts having their own political favors, as all have the right to do.   To address our  spiritual view point on politics, we feel the feminine and masculine energies in the universe express them selves always and this is also seen in the Right and Left wing political spectrum. As a bird needs two wings to fly, as the yin needs yang and yang need yin, the conjoining of the two is what usually brings more success. History tells us that a totalitarian concept be it on the right or the left is a destructive force.  This show understands not all our content will be of your taste, or may even offend some peoples views. Yet, with respect, we do not regret any content on the show, since it is not designed to brainwash people with our own views and tastes, but to offer a stage for subjects we like and subjects other people like. Additionally, we are very clear that our listeners interaction,opinions, and recommendations are very important to us and will never turn down an invitation to table an opposing argument to any of our guests views or ideas.