Testosterone detected at London Protest



Last Saturday afternoon a Free Tommy Robinson protest gathered at Westminster, reports came back that there were traces of testosterone detected and through the afternoon reports continued and confirmed that it was British testosterone. The event also paved the way for thousands of English flags to be waved causing alarm bells inside 10 downing street.

20.000 people attended the “Free Tommy Robinson” protest.

Last month the testosterone infected Tommy Robinson was arrested and imprisoned for contempt of court which broke a suspended sentence condition. This all unfolded while Robinson was trying to expose the hypocrisy and secrecy of the courts and mainstream media.

Following his imprisonment a large portion from the British public have taken to the streets in protest. This is now become a concern and has triggered calls for the government to have a debate on the testosterone and toxic masculinity issue. Over recent generations, due to modernized dieting advice and estrogen mimicking chemicals in modern foods, male testosterone levels have dropped by around 20%. This success has been down to maintaining public ignorance and social propaganda to suppress young mens natural masculine and territorial instincts.

Last month while speaking at the “Neo Bolshevik Convention” Labour MP Jess Phillips warned that the success in keeping the testosterone levels down and keeping men weak and agreeable, should not make us complacent, as there are still many men, particularly in the working class, who have at times shown a Resistance”. The levels detected on during last Saturday’s protest will no doubt bring more weight to her words.


Protesters react to the Police

Protesters react to the Police, one of the infected (green shorts) seen rubbing a stick on his testicles, a sign of testosterone release.


Early this year The EU called an urgent conference meeting discussing the dangers of testosterone, addressing the cause of Brexit, the disobedience in the USA which brought Donald Trump in power, as well as the outrageous democratic will of the Italians voting to stop and reverse huge levels of immigration never seen before in the nations history.

Jean-Claude Juncker stated “The rise in these movements could well mean that testosterone is not yet a solved issue and is a clear danger to our globalist plan. As has been the case in past, this issue could encourage more women to be naturally drawn into supporting these movements making them grow further, rejecting our ideas and desensitization, while erecting more movements across Europe.

Saturdays protest started at 3pm. A small gathering of far left activists and anti white activists from “Hope Not Hate” were not able to have any impact on the protest. Though after provocations from the infected they did manage to recite their “Nazi Scum, Off Our Streets” chant. It is not yet understood if this chant is still used by such groups due to deliberate persistence or if there have been psychological issues preventing any progress or creativity in the movement. When interviewed, protest leader Sam Smith who was born a man, but who identifies as a women, who has become a man, stated as she left. “Misogynists (inaudible) F**king (inaudible) Racist, Fascists,(inaudible) Islamaphobic, xenophobic (inaudible) Far Right Nazis”.  They were taken into care for a voluntarily testosterone cleansing program shortly after the event.

Unite against “Fascism” counter protester, trained in testosterone smelling, can be seen here smelling the first traces, before letting the authorities know.


Lilly Allan was reported to be flirting with an infected ex servicemen after the protest, this led to controversial debate across social media. Some citing the song lyrics from her song “Fuck You”

“Do you get a little kick out of being small-minded? You want to be like your father, It’s approval you’re after Well, that’s not how you find it”

“You’re just some racist who can’t tie my laces, your point of view is medieval”

Perceiving them to be a reference to infected men. Allen reacted to her criticism by citing lyrics from her other song “Not Fair”, pointing out how her relationships with conformists was also addressed on the same album

“He’s not like all them other boys, they’re all so dumb and immature There’s just one thing that’s getting in the way When we go up to bed, you’re just no good, it’s such a shame”

“Oh, you’re suppose to care But you never make me scream, you never make me scream”

Rumors that she has married the ex servicemen and moved to the middle east are yet to be confirmed.

While the “British Testosterone Fighters” (BTF) reported high levels during the protest speeches outside Westminster, major levels were detected after the infected started to make their way homes, gathering in the street. The metropolitan police service, while doing a great job through the day protecting the march from obvious possible hostilities, mistakes were made at the closing. Some police started to get impatient while physically trying to move the infected protesters home, The infected reacted with aggression which led to resistance and even violence.

Five of the infected have been taken into care and after just 4 hours of being arrested have had their testosterone completely removed.  Jeremy Corbyn, castrated at 14, is expected to put forward new proposals that may bring back the debate for castration at birth. Scientists have confirmed that with the advancement of test tube conception Its only a matter of time until Corbyn’s proposal comes into play. The EU have informed the UK and leading middle eastern nations that no such proposals or legalizations will effect incoming citizens from outside the EU.

THA Talks has responded by writing a satire piece just like this one 😉

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